Rota .Tried & Tested. Racetrack proven.





To earn its world-class quality, Rota Wheel has to survive the series of tests we've been putting it through for years. Impact test. Cornering fatigue test. Drum test. Coordinating test. Torture stuff all.

In addition, it must pass its acid test on the track.

In all these, Rota delivers. We're not surprised. This wheel is a product of 25 years of manufacturing experience--experience that is continually boosted and enhanced by our alliances with European and Japanese technological partners.

Needless to say, Rota Wheel meets the highest international standards, especially when it comes to safety, performance and durability.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, which works all the way from casting (before and after) to finishing . . . to inspection . . . to final testing.

The result is a thing of beauty in more ways than one. Rota Wheel's clean, simple styling gives it timeless elegance.

No less beautiful is its enduring quality. Rota Wheel is tough . It's strong. It's so well made you can be sure it will give you many years of safe, trouble-free driving.